I’ve worked in branding, advertsing, design and marketing my whole life.

I love making something that never existed before. And I love making something that does exist better than it’s ever been.

I’ve been a chief brand officer, creative director, desgin director, art director, professor, mentor, brand consultant, well, lots of things…

And I’ve worked on so many brands. Like Acura, USAirways, Herman Miller, General Motors, Siemens Medical, Jaguar, Honda Motorcycles, Carl’s Jr, Thermador, Oracle. Big brands. And tiny ones like Watch Me Soar Yoga. Loved them all!

What gets me up in the morning is making a difference. I enjoy working with people. Leading workshops. Presenting new ideas, new concepts, seeing the light go on and enjoying the gasps of realization.

My favorite client told me when he hired me that he’s at a point in his career where he only wants to work with people he really likes. High praise indeed.

I’m totally on board with that.

Craig Hedges