We help define and focus brands. Where it really matters. Not just a logo or a consistent color palette … but how to compellingly communicate who you are, why you’re different and why you do what you do.

Because the most loyal, raving fans don’t buy what you do.
They buy why you do it.


Understanding who you are and why you matter can be difficult to define and put into words. What is your purpose - and what makes you different? How do we behave - what are our values? Are we in alignment with our customers - who they are, what they want, and the values they embrace?

Each aspect of your brand is discussed - your heritage, personality, and the benefits you provide. And not just the functional benefits, but the absolutely critical emotional benefits and self-expressive benefits.

The result is a truly comprehensive report on your brand in an inspiring and motivational presentation that sets the stage for growing your brand.


We analyze what we learn in the brand focus workshop to develop and refine a robust brand strategy, achieving focus and direction for making communications and business decisions, giving you the language to clearly and consistently articulate your brand.

Deliverables include the following:

Brand Mission - Brand Promise - Elevator Pitch - Brand Differentiators - Brand Perceptions - Brand Vision


With a well-defined brand strategy, your messaging will become very clear. Understanding the needs of your customers, your brand promise and differentiators allows the creation of distinct, direct and effective messaging for your company to communicate at every point of contact with the customer.

Key is creating a messaging matrix defining each of your target audiences and prioritizing the messaging for each:

Audience A, B, C - Primary Message - Secondary Message


As your brand evolves and is refined, your brand identity and style of communicating must evolve as well. We specialize in bringing your brand to life – creating a unique brand identity and brand style that truly embodies who you are and why you matter across all brand communications/media.

Explore our creative execution of past projects by selecting an area below:


An often overlooked step in branding is sharing the brand company-wide and with your key partners, allowing them to know, understand and embrace your brand. An inclusive brand cascade event involves everyone, rallying the troops around the
brand and creating your most dedicated brand ambassadors.

Customers won’t love your brand until your employees do.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies who are just starting out and launching a new brand as well as those who needed to redefine and relaunch their brand. Here are a few examples:

Craig played a significant role in the rebranding of our 22-year old company. He masterfully led us through conversations with hundreds of stakeholders around the world to discover a series of truths and perceptions about the company.

This work was vital in helping us roll out an essentially new company to overwhelming acclaim and acceptance!

Joel Bikman, SVP Marketing - Mannatech

I knew we needed an updated image although we are growing every year. When we started working with Craig Hedges and his team they were fantastic in politely educating our team on why it was so important to re-brand for the growth and long term success of our company. We found the process to be very enlightening and energizing. Craig and his team were amazing to work with and the end result was far more than we had hoped!

Rebranding your company with Craig’s team by your side will be far more than some new colors or logo. It will be your team and your customers and potential customer clearly understanding your brand promise and who you really are as a company. Enough said, call them and get started. You will never look back!

Dan Huber, CEO and Founder • Inspection Support Network

There are people and companies that do branding. Then, there is Craig Hedges and his team. To say my experience with Craig and his incredible group of branding experts has been anything short of amazing and always deeply impactful for my clients would be an understatement. From brand focus workshops to brand strategy, strategic messaging, brand execution and more…this crew has the goods and then some! If you’re looking to stand out from the pack and better define your brand for sustainable success, then it’s time to have a conversation with Craig.

Jason Scott, Chief Content Strategist • Colossal Content Group

We needed to launch a new brand and we wanted to do it the right way. Having been through this before, I knew how critical it was to establish from the get-go who we are, what we stand for, and what makes us different. We call Craig our brand guru - he’s an essential member of our team. He helped us focus, kept us on track, and ultimately brought our brand to life. He’s branding and creative pro that always brings his A-game!

Ken Downey, Owner • Simple Seven Group